The International Conference on the Future of Mobility will be held in Portugal in October 2018, at the Congress Center of Alfândega, Porto.

The event will address future mobility trends and their influence on city life, focusing on the benefits for citizens. It is crucial that cities antici- pate, innovate and transform.

What are the strategic directions for cities to promote the development of sustainable mobility systems?

Current trends and new mobility solutions can lead to very different mobility ecosystems in the future. This evolution unleashes a number of opportunities, but also presents challenges for authorities and providers of mobility solutions.

Keynote speakers will come from various parts of the planet and together with Portuguese experts and thinkers will share and discuss the future of mobility.

The participants will be presented with innovative visions and concepts that the speakers will present and debate.

The unique approach on the conference main subject the innovative way of presenting it and the carefully chosen speakers will define the CIFMOB conference and make it stand out among other events.

These differentiations in approach also bring a potential for a new type of public interested in these matters, in the academic field, training and education, research, the automotive sector, institutions, public or private organizations and also the general public, increasingly attenti- ve and concerned about current issues that affect us all as a community.

The event is a Zest Events and Renascença Radio co-production.

The conference will take place on the opening day of the SAHE - Hybrid and Electric Car Show that in 2017 was a success, mobilizing about 12.000 visitors and with great impact on the media.